Content must have more than 550 words.  Recommended words is 550 to 600.

– It is highly recommended to use subheadings.

eg: Man is title then subtitles will be head, face, body, foot etc.

Even subheadings of subheadings are recommended. Going through same example: foot has

five fingers and can be described each accordingly.Content Writing Rules Image– Keywords:

Keyword is known as the heart of the content. So, the content should be focused on that

Keywords. eg:

In Content “Home Dehumidifier”, keywords will be Home dehumidifier dubai, Home dehumidifier UAE, Home dehumidifier sharjah

These three keywords are considered as main words to take care.

– Keyword density:

Keyword density is the total keywords count included in total content.


keyword density = (total keywords used/total words in content)*100%

let us take example:

Conent is :

My name is Swikriti. Swikriti is a girl.

Here, keyword taken as Swikriti.


Keyword density = 2/8(total no of words in content or above line here) *100% = 25%

Keyword density must not be more than 2%. REMEMBER NOT MORE THAN 2 to 3 % in worst case.

– Repeating same words is discouraged. It is recommended to use synonym and structured way of


– Content must be simple, high level words, sentenced structure. One sentence must not like one paragraph.

– Spelling mistakes gives bad result in content writing.

– Content writer must focused in grammar as well.