We want who can give idea and work for us on planning for the website organizing.
We have website for global target. What we want is the geographical target different for different website or subdomains.

Main website: www.website.com
Country1: country1.website.com
Country2: country2.website.com
Country3: country3.website.com and so on.

Here, country1, country2 are subdomains on country basis.


Common Page:
There are common pages for all website i.e. for main website and subdomains as well.
Example: page 1 will be in website.com, country1.website.com and all other remains.

Distinct Page:

It is different for different country. Like page2 will be only in country2 but not in main and other subdomains.


Country based hosting with SEO lprakash.com.np

How can we handle this?

How we can make different geographical target for different websites like main domain for world, and other domains on country based only?

PS: This can be done focused on SEO. We have to take care of duplicate content for our own website which we will use for all countries as well. One is the canonical tag concept.
It is free to express concepts as well for best approach.