Cloudways is one of the cloud hosting service provider. It provides services of digital ocean space for handing.

What it is good that i find are:

  • WordPress site which is updated and easy to install
  • Magento development course
  • Easy access for one place development
  • Provides ssh terminal i.e. linux which gives you to availability to access anything related to application
  • Real person customer support rather than automated system: Quite fast as well. I am happy with it. They have fast response and give good support.
  • Cloudways customer support

What is lacking?

  • Multiple SFTP connection is not provided by cloudways. They give one application one SFTP.
  • Database provided by cloudways is not that much user friendly normally what user wanted.But, you can use database tool for connection
  • Still struggling till date for stable connection and other part.



If you are developer and have knowledge of linux commands, you can go with it. I am 70% Ok with cloudways in term of satisfaction till now.