Laravel Cron Job from Command Line Interface(CLI) and Schedular

Laravel Command line interface (CLI)

laravel5 Email Schedular with

Create a Command class from command running:

php artisan make:console yourCommandName

it will be under app/console/Commands/ yourCodName.php

I am going with email scheduler. So, mine is

php artisan make:console sendEmail

in app/console/Commands/sendEmail.php
For running it should be added in Kernel (app/console/Kernel.php) . So, you have to add created class in Kernel.php.
Add inside protected command as;

protected $commands = [

If you have previous one then add this line. Yours as example will be:

protected $commands = [

Inside the Command class that you have just created. Configure like:

protected $signature = 'sendemail';

which will be custom name for your command. You can use it to run as

php artisan sendemail
protected $description = 'Email sending Command as schedular';

This will describe your command.
Inside handle function created in Command class, you will write your code.
Mine is like this:

public function handle()
Mail::send(view_file_that_you_want_to_send', ['key' => 'value'], function($message)
$message->to('[email protected]', 'Name of the Email')->subject('Subject of email');

All you have to this for command.
You can check it for checking:

public function handle()
echo ‘This is check only’;

Now you have to register it in schedule as:

protected function schedule(Schedule $schedule)

Now you have your schedule which is written as Command for email send.

Different methods available for scheduler are as follows:

  • ->hourly()
  • ->monthly()
  • ->yearly()
  • ->everyFiveMinutes()
  • ->daily()
  • ->sundays()
  • ->weekly()
  • ->weeklyOn($day, $time)
  • ->at($time) // 24 hour time
  • ->dailyAt($time)
  • ->twiceDaily()
  • ->weekdays()
  • ->everyTenMinutes()
  • ->everyThirtyMinutes()
  • ->days() // Days of the week.
  • ->mondays()
  • ->tuesdays()
  • ->wednesdays()
  • ->thursdays()
  • ->fridays()
  • ->saturdays()



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