While we are working with SEO. We need to consider on different parts of HTML Tags. Image tag is one of the important tag to workout for SERPs.
Here are some tips that helps to write image tag in html.

1. SEO optimization by image – 1 : Alt Text

Alt gives you the information of the image. If image is not loaded it shows the information of image. Search engine crawlers see the alt tag to understand image. So, it is good to use alt tag.
<img src=”nepal-seo-trainer.png” alt=”Nepal SEO Trainer.png” />

SEO By Image Strategy


2. SEO optimization by image – 2 : File size

First, You have to understand that the loading time of site page also affects SEO rankings. So, It is better to take care on some of the points of file size.

  • Make size of image as small as possible. Of course, do not sacrifice the quality.
  • Use of tools (free as well as paid) can be effective too.
  • Browser sometimes resize your images for better load. Do not let it to do that.
  • Take care of ration of image to text ratio in your page.

3. SEO optimization by image – 3 : File name

Be specific with your name of the image always. File name is that gives search engine about it. Search engine does not have idea up to this days(fully) that can read image itself.
If you upload apple and named it as orange then It is orange for search engine.
If you search in google then you find that the name you searched it at top.

4. SEO optimization by image – 4 : Captions

There is no direct links to caption and image. (based on my knowledge)
However BOUNCE RATE takes account on this part.
More the bounce rate, It has chance to go up.

 <img src=“seo-caption-example.jpg” alt=“SEO image caption example” width=“304” height=“228”>
 <figcaption>Fig1. – Image Caption Example for SEO.</figcaption>