Nepal is developing country. It is surrounded by India and China. It is beautiful country enrich with natural resources. Being small country, it has three different regions and climate so it is wonderland of world.

Nepalese In Photography

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You find here catchy hills, beautiful mountains and plain surface named Terai. People from different country are visiting Nepal because of this beauty.

Nepalese in photography background

For showing and explaining beauty PHOTOGRAPHY is one of the best ways. Photographs from Nepal or Nepalese in Photography are increasing these days. Where there is beauty, Camera reaches there. Nepali people are from different parts of Nepal and increasing in Photography field. Nepal photographers are not yet internet friendly. So, I believe this information will lead them to exposure in internet.

Nepal Photographs

Photographs are mostly uploaded in facebook pages. But people are not used to create their own websites and their pages. Nepal photographs are world class. Nepal photographs are getting awards and prizes but not so much in exposure.
Sectors that Photographs are in exposure
Daily newspaper and their online news site are giving field

    • Facebook pages

People are posting their skills in their own facebook wall or in different pages. Some of them are:
Nepalese in Photography
Another with same name ‘Nepalese in Photography’

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Nepal photographers are tweeting and give links to their related page.

  • Websites

Some of Nepalese photographers have their own websites.

What this page is for?

This page is only giving information to the person those who are in photography sector from Nepal. People from different country origin in Nepal are using facebook page for their image to get noticed. They want to either read or post their thought through image.

Some Nepalese Photographers view

Aiden Raayee

I am currently photographer from Jhapa starting out as a passion to it by early age, and i’m trying to learn everytime something little and new to make creative photography. I am mostly interested to click nature and lifestyle of people, their emotions in my lens. I like to meet people as myself who desire to create a moment in a shape of image in camera and we get along with it . smile emoticon My


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biggest moment in photography was to meet Saujan Shrestha dai from Dharan who is also founder of Dharane Photography group. Meeting him and listening about his stories and his hard work and dedication to mankind was biggest inspiration to me to continue what i do to make myself happy.


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Jiban J Bhattarai

Actor/Junior Photographer


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Love to click real life of Nepal


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