Nepal Earthquake was started at 25 April 2015. Till today, aftershocks and some new earthquakes are still coming. Some of the basic information on nepal earthquake are descriped below.

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Nepal Earthquake 2015

Nepal Earthquake Major Points

Some of the points are listed below related Nepal earthquake.

Nepal Earthquake First Felt

The first felt Earthquake for this year 2015 is


Nepal Earthquake Magnitude

Magnitude is 7.8 richter scale.

Nepal Earthquake Also Known as

It is also known as Gorkha earthquake

Nepal Earthquake epicenter

Epicenter of Nepal earthquake which makes people to be in frighten situation was East of Lamjung Distrinct.

Nepal Earthquake Affected World Heritages Sites

There are World heritage sites which got affected. Some of them are collapsed. But, More is number are still standing with beauty.

  • Kathmandu Durbar Square

    Nepal Earthquake 2015 Carrying Patient

    Nepal Earthquake 2015 Carrying Patient

  • Patan Durbar Square
  • Swayambhunath
  • Bhaktapur Durbar Square
  • Changu Narayan Temple

Second Major Nepal Earthquake

In 12-May-15

Nepal Earthquake Casualties

  • Death – more than 8600 people
  • Avalanches in Mount Everest
  • Landslides in Langtang Village

Nepal Earthquake Death Toll

More than 8600 people were died in EarthQuake.

Nepal Earthquake Video

There are lots of video shared in youtube and other platforms. Also BBC documentry through video explains the condition of Nepal.
Some of them are:


Other footages

Nepal Earthquake Prediction

There are rumours that earthquake can be predicted, But according to science It can not be predicted.

Nepal Earthquake News

News of Nepal EarthQuake held all over the world. There are some news which are fake and some of them are true.
Some of the Links are:

Nepal Earthquake history

It was the most dangerous earthquake since last 80 years.