Dubai is a fast growing economic city of the world. There are different types of jobs available Dubai according to the sets of skills you possess. While there are thousands of jobs on offer in Dubai, finding the right type of job that you want may be quiet stressful as there are hundreds of thousands of people looking for the same job like you. How to get job in Dubai ImageThe most important factor of you landing a job in Dubai greatly depends on your level of skill and work experience there are certain factors that can certainly increase your chance in finding the right job for you.

This article is based on discussion of Nepalese developers in Dubai, UAE. Telegram App was the platform to discuss. Active developers during discussion were:
Rajendra Bhat
Geshan Manandhar
Sagar Poudel

Search online for potential job

There are many online jobsites that include many vacancies for jobs in Dubai. Start with online search as it the most effective way of searching jobs on numerous categories. While searching job you must be clear about the type of job you want to do and you can search for the related job in the sites as they contain thousands of job categories. There are currently 20 job sites which are classified for Dubai. You can find the sites list Here.

Make an attractive CV

CV is the outlook of your personality for your potential hirer. Hence an attractive CV can play a big role in landing a job for you. As there are thousands of application and CV dropped for a job the employer generally don’t go through all the CV. They would likely have a look at the CV they find most attractive. In one research it was found that the employer of a company spends about only 3 seconds in average on a CV. Hence it becomes very necessary for your CV to stand out to increase the chance of your hiring.

Remain updated

It is a good idea to make a list of companies and their details where you have applied. You can make a Google sheet or Excel sheet in your computer for keeping the details of your application. You can call them up if they do not respond in around 2 week time and ask for an update. You also can update and modify CV according to the company’s requirement whenever possible.

Things to include in CV

Other than your work experience, religions and nationality it is very important to include your visa status. You also should include your contact number, email address and temporary address.

Other things which can be done

You can go to different popular tower/buildings of different areas and drop your CV. For example:

  • Media city
  • Satha tower
  • T-come
  • Grosvenor business tower
There are different directories based on areas:
  • Internet city
  • Media city
Scrapping the email address from it and sending it as bcc with generalized CV also has been found to
work sometimes.