Senior Software Engineer, Digital Marketing Expert, Insurance Surveyor/ Loss Assessor & Validator
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I have had the honor to be Prakash’s Business Coach. Prakash is the perfect blend of Smart and Kind. He has been an ideal client with a lot of great ideas, projects and dreams. Prakash is dedicated and committed to his success both professionally and personally. Throughout our sessions, he demonstrated a strong ability to welcome change, learn new concepts and apply powerful changes to the way he leads his life. In only a few weeks, he drastically improved tasks breakdown and prioritization. He also started leading all his relationships with assertiveness, practicing saying “NO” when necessary. Prakash loves to learn new things and strives to become the best version of himself. His drive to succeed, his positivity and his big heart will undoubtedly help him achieve anything he sets his mind to.

Emeline (Omont) Roissetter

Prakash is a great software engineer and humble person. With proven abilities in web development and SEO, he is an instrumental team player. The will to learn new things and execute tasks aligning with business value is his USP. I wish him all the success for his career and a solid progressive career path which he deserves.

Geshan Manadhar

Prakash is a very focused and balanced person. He knows his priorities and organizes his work accordingly. I have known him at work for the last one year and feel great working with him. He is an ambitious person and looks at life in a challenging way. He excels in his field of knowledge and strives to keep learning. It feels great to have positive thinking people around you at work and Prakash is one of them.
I wish him all the best for his future endeavors.

Pooja Ambale

Rules of content writing Outlines

– Content must have more than 550 words.  Recommended words is 550 to 600. – It is highly recommended to use subheadings. eg: Man is title then subtitles will be head, face, body, foot etc. Even subheadings of subheadings are recommended. Going through same example: foot has five fingers and can be described each accordingly.– Keywords: Keyword is known as the heart of the content. So, the content should be focused on that Keywords. eg: In Content “Home Dehumidifier”, keywords…

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SEO Contact Us Page guidelines

General things to include It should have clear idea of your contact related parameters Must ensure company is easily accessible It should make comfortable to user or customer to do business with you. Easily availability to click on phone, location and other parameters which will be defined down. Google say in the 2014 quality rater guidelines: “2.5.2 Finding Who is Responsible for the Website and Who Created the Content on the Page Every page belongs to a website, and it…

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Country based hosting with SEO

We want who can give idea and work for us on planning for the website organizing. We have website for global target. What we want is the geographical target different for different website or subdomains. Eg: Main website: Country1: Country2: Country3: and so on. Here, country1, country2 are subdomains on country basis. Requirements: Common Page: There are common pages for all website i.e. for main website and subdomains as well. Example: page 1 will be in…

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Cloudways hosting

Details Cloudways is one of the cloud hosting service provider. It provides services of digital ocean space for handing. What it is good that i find are: WordPress site which is updated and easy to install Magento development course Easy access for one place development Provides ssh terminal i.e. linux which gives you to availability to access anything related to application Real person customer support rather than automated system: Quite fast as well. I am happy with it. They have…

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laravel5 Email Schedular using Command

Laravel Cron Job from Command Line Interface(CLI) and Schedular Laravel Command line interface (CLI) Create a Command class from command running: php artisan make:console yourCommandName it will be under app/console/Commands/ yourCodName.php I am going with email scheduler. So, mine is php artisan make:console sendEmail in app/console/Commands/sendEmail.php For running it should be added in Kernel (app/console/Kernel.php) . So, you have to add created class in Kernel.php. Add inside protected command as; protected $commands = [ \App\Console\Commands\sendEmail::class, ]; If you have previous…

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Being a simple and career oriented guy, I believe in Hard work, dedication and loyalty. I prefer to complete task in time. There should be good behavior along with your professionalism.
Most of all I am an Optimistic, Positive Thinker.

Paragliding at Pokhara, Nepal