I never say that I am great. Also, it is not going to happen. People learn daily basis. There are more than enough situations where you can find yourself as dumb. I cam to this point while I was working for internship formation with 3 students. After helping 3 4 guys in giving professional solutions, I felt that it is happening. Something is going for good reason. I believe in volunteer and help. Moreover, I try to learn for free and find the way to share it in same way. I explain myself as optimistic person, it leads to different difficulties but I am happy with it.

Lets come back to the topic of picking guys as volunteer. I tried to pick people who are in the same bucket. Here, I am trying to put thinking structure in bucket. It was never easy process to form it, deliver it being far from them and expect it to be done in time. Believe me it happened for less than 40%. It was really difficult to manage. I tried and they helped by giving their time. Now I am running an IT project with them as volunteer. It is somehow 60% or more these days.
I started when I was in my early 26. It is still going on. Lets hope for the best. The good part of being available for junior is that you get respect and you got to know that you are somehow capable. It leads you to move more. It helps to think wide. I trust that people comes up with concept more with environment than brainy people or hardworking people. It comes second.