Every person has their own feelings. It may collide with some but not to all.
So, particularly this category is to post my feelings. I hope I will go well on this category. (Finger Crossed)

Working Together for good

I never say that I am great. Also, it is not going to happen. People learn daily basis. There are more than enough situations where you can find yourself as dumb. I cam to this point while I was working for internship formation with 3 students. After helping 3 4 guys in giving professional solutions, I felt that it is happening. Something is going for good reason. I believe in volunteer and help.

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Book I Read

Janga Bahadur-Legend of Nepal Confessions of an Entrepreneur – Chris Robson Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide – Google Yoast Optimize WordPress site – Yoast SEO Content SEO – Yoast SEO Yoast UX and Conversion – Yoast SEO

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Being a simple and career oriented guy, I believe in Hard work, dedication and loyalty. I prefer to complete task in time. There should be good behavior along with your professionalism.
Most of all I am an Optimistic, Positive Thinker.

Paragliding at Pokhara, Nepal